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. >> we have to take a short break, but we will be back with business news. an announcement from siemens. >> >> germany's industrial giant siemens is set to undergo major restructuring to make it more competitive. there were reports more than 11,000 positions would be eliminated. >> now ceo joe kaeser has rushed to calm fears, saying the jobs will be affected, but not all of them will cut. he is looking to save siemens one billion euros with a plan called vision 2020. our correspondent chirstoph kober joins us with the deals -- details. what we were hearing earlier about massive job cuts -- now siemens says 11,600 jobs will be affected, not necessarily lost. >> there is an example of poor communication, isn't it? the siemens ceo was in new york during the week, and in a meeting he dropped the figure of more than 1000 -- 11,000 jobs possibly being cut. that stirred up the commotion, and today he began to backpedal, saying the 11,600 positions could be affected by the restructuring of the company that is going on at the moment. siemens is eliminating one entire level of management and admi
's nuclear energy independence. french government has explicitly voiced their preference for siemens to make a bid. they also had a word at the hearing. what did they have to say? >> that is right. important because the french finance ministry has been very impatient about the siemens bid. he said last night that the bid from siemens would become -- would come by june 16. that would include a swap where siemens would get the real unit in exchange for energy assets. that would create some combination between the german high-speed trains. that offer has the favor of the french government, who has been supporting siemens' bid. back to you. >> thank you so much. we will continue the conversation on alstom later in -- later on "the pulse." >> europe's clinical leaders are clashing over top jobs. juncker as the next european commission president. bonds nichols joins us. is this in response to the surge of protest parties in the parliamentu elections? >> it is a little bit of that read we are talking about a delay of potentially a month to pick a new eu commission president. for folks like yourself
involved? much.nk you so alibabacinating billionaire story. slightly addictive. siemens and -- we have the angles covered here, believe you me. siemens has announced a review. the elephant in the room is what is happening with -- there is an analyst conference going on right now. they keep on coming back to that elephant. what do they want to get out of alstom? >> some sort of one-sided offer and wee heard about conveyed her interest that we would be willing to talk to shareholders. line, joe kaeser wanted to be given the opportunity to have a look and that is what they are doing. they're not going to consider any type of three-way bid with the general electric. >> he came under political pressure in germany when he went to russia after the annexation of crimea. to beela merkel said extremely annoyed about that. he is still on the intent of -- on the agenda for the st. petersburg for him. onthe amount of things going in our organization, the dedication and leadership it takes to get this sorted out in a meaningful and long-term way, this requires me to be here. >> he will have to
is in headquarters in berlin. of newse a lot coming out of siemens. you have first-quarter earnings and more importantly you have this strategic review, an entire level of bureaucracy taken out of siemens. four sectors becoming nine units. the health-care care sector, speculations that will be separated just like we saw within finian. you have the turbine business from rolls-royce. a lot going on. i will be back with my interview with the ceo of little bit later. >> we will get back to that shortly. in paris, you are watching ahlstrom have a bidding war getting more politically -- more political. conference is just about to start behind me the focus will be on whether i'll strom -- i'll strum -- al will put up for the 70 billion on the energy unit. will this -- the share holders vote on the energy units in the fourth quarter. thisl bring you this with with figures from the french finance minister in a moment. >> thank you. we are watching alibaba, the chinese retailer, it filed to go public. it is the biggest ipo ever. we'll have more on the story later this hour. --has loads of explications
of engineering businesses around europe. let's start with those numbers from siemens. >> a lot of news surrounding siemens. it announces its strategy review today. it has bought some energy assets from rolls-royce. it is involved in this battle for various assets. lots to talk about. i have to deal with the earnings. david will deal with all of the other parts. second quarter income from continuing operations, 1.6 one billion euros. the analyst estimate was for a 1.78 billion. above last year's figures. the good news for investors, the company has confirmed its forecast for the sheer of 15% earnings per share growth. .t has confirmed that forecast earnings per share will be 15%. markets remain challenging in 2014. despite the fact that it has confirmed the growth forecast for this year, markets to remain challenging. it is a massive day for siemens. let's talk about the company's new strategy. let's stop to david tweed. he is live at the headquarters in berlin. we will start with the earnings. a lotis all about about of other factors. >> it is all about this massive strategy review tha
exclusive. isgermany, more news emerging about siemens' reorganization. we are breaking much of that news. the start what was happening next. parity with getting closer to hearing about a deal finalizing .he sale some big names involved in this deal. one of them is david tweed. how thislk to us about fits into siemens strategy. >> a context of all of this is that the new chief executive wants to lift margins at siemens because siemens has been lagging , general electric has been lagging, abb. they want to get rid of the companies which are not performing so well, get rid of those units that are not performing so well, bring onboard units that are performing better. the growth that story about siemens wanting to buy the wind turbine from rolls-royce last week. good margins there. now, we're hearing the story that might be decided for good by tomorrow, the siemens wants to sell its airport infrastructure, basically baggage handling business very his business or 900 million last year, its margins in the single digits. siemens wants to move it on. >> is amazing when you do sit and wait for yo
it is about time for another bloomberg exclusive. in germany, news about the siemens reorganization is leaking out. now they are finalizing the sale of their airports and logistics infrastructure business. david tweed has the story. put this in context. put this into the siemens strategy for us. >> we have heard that this business is up for sale to a group led by wilbur ross. about whatw more exactly will happen after the supervisory board meeting, which will take place tomorrow. on wednesday, we have the strategy review which we have been waiting for since he took over the chief executive job at siemens last august. -- firstants to do is of all, we are expecting to see a big reorganization in the company. it will probably take out a whole level of management, which might lead to some job losses. more in the white-collar areas, administration, then in the other areas. at the same time, we are hearing about how siemens has some parts of the business up for sale. this is a great example of the sort of business that it wants to get rid of. though the airports made about 900 billion euros -- milli
and plump your lips. $1.4 billionÉ's facelift. ge and siemens come head to head in front of a french lawmaker to defend their plan with altrom. more on that. . >> asia trading at six-month highs. there is money going to the american and disease. we will be talking through the markets in terms of what is happening out there. we will talk about german unemployment. some confidence, but let's talk to jon ferro. >> asia higher overnight. the future is let to the morning. look at those levels. a six-year high on the stoxx 100. all-time high over on the dax in germany. 9:00 supply data it out at u.k. time. general -- german unemployment expected to stay at 6.7%. compared germany to everyone else. let's bring you you market open on your morning. down just a touch. that flat across most of europe with the exception of the footsie which voices -- pushes higher by one quarter of the present. you are looking for retail times -- sales a, at 11:00 take him -- 11:00 a.m. u.k. time. inflation is too low. we have to do something about it. we need to stay committed to that 2% inflation ta
11 thousand 600 positions, that is what siemens plans to cut. it is all part of the restructuring and cost-cutting ser. joe kae >> the right to be forgotten is all about allowing europeans to disappear from the internet. more on that later. guy coming back to you. >> we're forgetting anything here today, caroline. the european markets are about to open. it will be interesting to see how bnp paribas deals with that news this morning. let's find out what is going on. manus cranny standing by at the touch. >> we have seven straight weeks of gains in the european equity market. the question is how will we close out the week. this is the longest judge in european -- since 2012. is making record highs. the yen is rising. the question is, is it the wrong kind of inflation? willet temper the view from the bank of japan in terms of their ability to deliver more stimulus to bring the yen lower. prices rise for the 15th month in a row according to home craft. confidence is rising here. we have a positive number in the gf k index. for the first time since 2005. that surely can't go without n
sanctions. siemens streamlines europe's largest engineering company, cutting nearly 12,000 positions. your privacy protected. to eu demands. the you have the right to be forgotten? good morning, everybody. you are watching "the pulse." we are live from bloomberg's european headquarters in london. literally, elon musk unveiling his latest space age creation. we will talk about that a little bit later. speaking of big numbers, a slamdunk for steve ballmer, maybe. his $2 billion offer for the l.a. clippers. that is a basketball team if you didn't know. we begin with bnp paribas. shares sliding today. france's biggest bank facing the largest criminal fine in u.s. history. authorities are seeking more than $10 billion over sanctions violations. manus cranny is here with more. for $1.1 billion. this could be bigger than $10 billion further down the road. pay a finep paribas of $10 billion? >> it sort of reaches into the realm of major adjustment and provisions. the bond market is already pricing in big moves. >> credit is reacting. you can understand why. >> pressure is going to mount. nine of t
and on time, shall we? >> that is only if you are on the ge side. from the siemens viewpoint, you want this meeting to go badly. you used the word robust. what we expect is for them to make ironclad assurances to the french state. there is a nuclear aspect and a nuclear unit instead of alstom will stay inside france. his a quiet -- a quote from the head of operations. we will answer the government's legitimate demand that they'd nuclear unit remain french and that exports be protected. that is a pretty clear signal that would ge wants is they don't necessarily want the train unit, that will stay in a alstom unit. if they don't have approval, it will be difficult to get francois hollande who is in a more difficult position after election results. what does he do with this offer from ge? of course, siemens is also waiting in the wings. give me a clue here. siemens, what will they do? are they going to make a move? what is the thinking? >> there is a report out from reuters over the weekend that they are going to offer 7 billion in cash along with their rail unit, and then siemens would h
&a, access to being moved around. we are going to be looking at siemens shares all week. the strategy review coming up on wednesday. we will see the current data. and also speaking about the story they are back to sell the airport infrastructure unit. this seems to be part of the strategy to get rid of the underperforming units and by ones that are doing better. >> looking forward to that. show.s the jon ferro what those are you watching? >> would like to spread it. the ftse. data out of the u.s. the rest of europe is open. london is a little lazy. let's check out the markets. the currency is close. the cac 40 is down stuck germany, exports. chinese manufacturing. a fourth straight month that the hsbc reading is an contraction. not just in contraction but a mix. it is playing out in the fx market. the aussie dollar is trading a little lower through the morning. coming back as the hours progress. australia's central bank meets later tonight. everybody not looking for change. where you are seeing a bigger move is dollar/yen. the yen is up. the dollar is getting weaker. not just that, the bank
million monthly users. shares for google are flat today as well. >>> and siemens may make a deal for the power business while the french government takes a stake in the rail business. he's already in talks with ge over a $17 billion bid for the four arm. they will decide on that in june. the french government has been openly critical of ge's bid. stephane is in paris with more on this. they are changing the rules on the ability to block deals, stephane, so what do we think is going to happen from siemens, is it certain they are going to come out with a bid? >> we are expecting them to make a bid according to reuters. siemens could propose $14.5 billion in cash, which could be less than general electric. $6.9 billion for the american offer according to reuters. the french government could also step in and buy a stake in the remaining part of the transfer business. we are talking about a 10% stake in that unit. officially the french data has no preference, that's the position from the head of state, francois hollande. but we know he would prefer a deal with siemens. as you mentione
be interested in a deal with ge as it scraps its dividend. while media reports suggests siemens is pulling out of the bidding. >>> and investors react to the vicious business plan, they say the ceo is being too optimistic with his turnaround goals. >>> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> hello, warm welcome to today's edition of "worldwide exchange." plenty to get through today. we'll be talking about autos, phil lebeau will be talking about tesla. we'll talk about janet yellen. >>> first, alibaba has filed fon an ipo after weeks of anticipation. the filing offers a look at a business that controls around 80% of china's online commerce market. eunice is in beijing for more. she's been waiting for this for some time as well. 2,300 pages in this filing. but key questions unanswered. >> definitely key questions unanswered. i think everybody wants to know where's the price, how many shares are going to be sold? give us more detail exactly about what this ipo is all about. mainly because a lot of investors are going to know what the valuation i
from siemens so ge is alone in terms of a formal offer. we know the original bid has been improved, especially on jobs. there's no details on precisely what general electric is offering for alstom. yesterday, speaking to the parliament, jeff immet says the group would make increased commitment about jobs in france. we're not talking about creating more jobs in france, that's for sure. ge was also expected to announce a tie-up with alstom in rail signaling giving, in practical terms, control of that unit to the french company, alstom. that could seduce the french economy minister who was very cautious on the industry strategy. we're waiting for more details. but it's not confirmed that ge improved its original bid. on the side of siemens, chairman of siemens france said yesterday through a committee of the french parliament, that the company would make formal offer on the 16th of june at the latest. and he confirmed that it would propose an asset swap in order to create two european champions, one in rail with alstom and one in energy, in power with siemens. but that's all we know f
can go wrong did i i heard her remarks endorsement of the siemens option will or will get to the rest of the match them up the european open in european option for the rest will come back and as the rest of time with the thing to watch and has been to the report says almost sixty to nineteen eighty eight saddam hussein ordered one of the biggest mass as of the twentieth century. the end of the around iraq. he accused the country's border town of about two supporting iraq. he placed attacked with chemical weapons. the forty thousand people to like the space with coupons and twenty five years of use chemical weapons are still killing people. many children born since the attack penalty to speak or walk normally. unexploded bombs remain at twenty hundred years all i need discipline and continues to get a job the report says looks like that. i kept up call. cook a market for resume the false think it's a bit a sample of the stories we're following for you here on less than that. police injured. as the pro russian separatists take over the state prosecutor's building. in the eastern ukraini
now. >> and how does it tie into siemens bid? >> they are apparently still going after it. here is what he said. base in gassolid and steam turbines. they are looking for deals like this with alstom. they are still pretending or going through the motions of being interested. they have not submitted a formal bid. if and when that happens, it will be up to alstom's board. >> think slot. hans nichols, our international correspondent in berlin. the japanese government is hoping deflation is a thing of the past. prices rose at the fastest rate in two decades. david iglesias is in hong kong with more. >> you mentioned, that is the key thing here. have numbers for april. that is when the sales tax was increased. the fastest pace of inflation since 1999 -- 1991. it is important to strip out the effect of the sales tax. everybody expected that to happen. what you got more or less was an inflationary move. costs also exclude energy -- that is partially why prices are where they are. but you and to see whether there is a continued pickup because of demand. to some extent, we have seen infl
independence. >> what i find it entertaining is the fact that jeffrey immelt siemens doing his set piece. what did he have to say? head andas the french woulde said, siemens present an offer by june 16 and that should be a swap or an alliance where siemens would get , getting of business the real unit. it would be an iconic combination in terms of the transport unit. combining german high-speed symbolic actvery that would have the favor of the who hasovernment supported the bid. back to you. you for that. >> after the european parliamentary elections the focus has shifted to choosing the next president of the commission. -- junker yunker emerged as a candidate. junker.onot opposed this came from angela merkel hilliard -- angela merkel. here is where we stand on things. she only offered lukewarm support for junker. in with 34%.e , the topis whoever won candidate should go into the head eu commissioner slot. it does not look like that will happen quickly. the curious thing about this is he has opposed -- been opposed by members of his own party. junker has won the support of the men he bested,
into these negotiations between alstom and ge and to give siemens, which is a rival bidder more time to work on its own bid, which some very prominent french politicians have said they would prefer. it is important not to ascribe too much importance to the role of the french government here. obviously, they have the bully pulpit. their pronouncements are reported by the press dutifully, but at the end of the day, alstom is a private company, and at the end of the day will make the decision that they feel is best. it is a game of public perception and political brinkmanship going on around the deal and the result is it will take a while to get done. >> how serious is siemens? very good question. this certainly started out as seeming a bit half-baked, the notion of a siemens counterbid. one thing to point out is that is actually an asset swap that would result in alstom becoming a much bigger rail manufacturer and siemens taking on a bulk of the energy assets. as for the termination of the french government to throw a wrench into this deal, has become more clear, the siemens bid has gathered steam. hassi
when funding for medical research is being cut back, siemens and stand up to cancer are raising awareness and raising money for breakthroughs in cancer research. stay tuned for more in today's siemen's answers message." when shoppers are hunting for a bargain, outlet malls have become one of the hottest ways consumers are spending their money while industry developers pour millions into new and current properties. desert hills premium outlets outside of los angeles is just one of the several outlet centers expanding to meet the demand by adding new luxury brands and amenities for their bargain hunting shoppers from both the u.s. and overseas. it's a very popular international destination. our international shoppers are up 50% from last year. we're just seeing that a lot of people are coming to the outlets instead of full-retail and getting a great deal. market research estimates the outlet apparel industry is worth $12 billion luring new players into the growing outlet industry. in 2012, the us saw 8 new outlet malls and in 2013, that number grew to 11 new centers. experts belie
with credit suisse. as we saw yesterday. >>> germany's siemens requested further information from alstom. this is the latest development in the ongoing battle between ge and siemens to acquire the energy and transport giant. stephan, earlier on this week, we got reports that siemens was going to make an offer as early as this week. with the latest new now, do you think that will be delayed? >> we don't know. we don't even know what type of information siemens has been requesting from alstom. alstom claims that siemens has been given access to the same nonpublic information as general electric. we are still expected the german group to make an offer for the power units of alstom. it's going to offer probably its business plus cash. also to get the french approval, siemens is now expected to hand over the wind and nuclear assets to another french company. yesterday the ceo of another company said they would be interested in the wind buyings of altom as siemens could make an offer by the end of this week. so far, general electric made a formal bid, it's offering 1 $.9 billion for the power
business that comes ahead of a meeting between the french president on wednesday. the head of rival siemens also asked feith to lawmakers earlier, saying siemens will be formalizing its bid for the energy units i the 16th of june at the latest. he said the opportunity to combine the two won't happen again. >> the european choice would not be meaningless in a globalized world. it would be the only way to ensure the sustainability of our decisions, our productions, our research and investment. the opportunity of an alliance between these two great european companies with an experience or expertise will not pop up again. >> we are going to take a look at the european stock market. they set up shop this tuesday with the dax about half of that, brought higher by shares in deutsche hop. they say they will profit from online retail sales. other businesses in europe trading higher -- the london ftse up more than .4%. hour, united states this round about 45 minutes or so left of trading, we see indices trading higher. shares are being pumped up i stronger than expected sales for big to get items in
electric to buy its energy unit giving the us company a significant lead over german rival siemens in a politically charged takeover battle. she is offering about twelve billion euro is for allison's thermal power for new goals and electrical grid divisions bought the dollar has not been completely shot in the german company siemens the french government has ordered the deal to be put on hold because allison is one of the country's biggest employers and is worried about job cuts. siemens is still planning to submit its takeover offer which will likely include job security guarantees. well i checked in on the wednesday trading action starting off in frankfurt where the banks finished up just slightly higher. teachers books and a nine thousand six hundred and three the euro stocks fifty down by three cats one percent finished with a thirty one ninety eight russell and echo wall street the dow up also slightly pretty bizarre sixteen thousand five hundred and sixty six points and the euro higher against the greenback in value when us dollar thirty eight sixty nine unemployment has fall
, but we always like talking about the summer solstice. here is the issue. as it gives siemens more time to put together their own bid and take a close look at alstom's books? alstom has agreed to this request by the french deadline to extend the deadline. we are hearing a great deal of confidence from ge's ceo. listen to what he had to say on wednesday. actually, read what he had to say. "you have to trust us a little bit that we know what we are doing." the french prime minister has signed a degree -- a decree. ge has sweetened their deal ever so slightly. they are talking about an asset swap in the rail signal business. they do not want to give up their locomotive industry. mueller that what ge really gass from alstom, it is turbines, that part of the energy sector. they are willing to live without the nuclear aspect of it, which is so crucial to national security in the french state. >> still with us, final thoughts, james bevan. the meddling of governments. >> very worrying. i do not like it at all. it is interesting. we talk about the astrazeneca as the pinnacle of u.k. technical k
it is a three-week extension. it was requested by the french state. they want to get a better deal siemens moreive time to come up with a rival bid. approved.informally have endorsed but not formally approved. siemens is considering whether or not they're going to make a formal bid. they get more time to look at tom to see whats they might bid for. the french government clearly prefers the siemens bid. their new rules in france, the has new decrees to block some of these proposed takeovers. at the same time, everything appears to be going against ge. the ceos said you have to trust us a little bit to know what we're doing. they are not going to give up one of their core businesses which is locomotive manufacturing. the french government may want alstom to want. that is that. we will know in three weeks. >> could they have done anything to make this process a bit smoother in their interests? they may have wanted to hire a lobbyist in paris sooner to massage and talk to the french government the whole way through. the challenge with that is that you lose the element of surprise. the french g
'll be staying with us. >>> siemens is readying a former offer for alstom. the deal reportedly involves the transfer of its rail activity and less than 7 billion euros in cash. the cash component is smaller than ge's offer, half of what the u.s. giant is offering. both siemens and alstom have declined to comment on the report. >>> shares in intercontinental hotels group trading significantly higher after press reports that the hotel has rebuffed a 6 billion pound takeover bid from a u.s. rifle. according to reports on sky news and in the telegraph newspaper, the board of the crown plaza and holiday inn operator met a few weeks ago to consider the offer but agreed it was too low to accept. according to analysts cited, the missfully bidder could be starwood or a specialist investment firm. we don't know. stay tuned. we'll be talking with william vereker, head of corporate client solutions at emea. that's coming up at 11:00 cet. any questions or thoughts for yannick, get me @worldwideexchange or tweet me @juliachatterley. you can also e-mail at w "worldwide exchange" wwch worldwideexchange
that the french government is pushing for siemens. when i think the ultimate jobs point of view i think the ge offers a lot better if she is mine austin is because it wants to develop. the operations it's pretty clear that dead dead dead dead. the tall stone would be sort of cheese beach and the euro on the energy front it would be based in france. you can put together siemens announced on the course on the directive these are much more of the need to overlap a lot more needed to be stingy and alston do. and if you bring that siemens run into germany a much bigger company and been awesome in france. it's been a total logical sense to move most of the management to to germany not even a trend towards gop would actually keep alive a decision made in france pm there have missed it i'm thinking that too much on point of view the gt offers probably the better one. we just didn't get this whole issue of the view of the european champions opposes him in the crown jewel to the americans were getting a lot of reactions when you're populism here we come for sen shaven off with a former mayor then phone
at siemens. the company says it is cutting 11,600 jobs. part of an effort to reduce costs by one billion euros every year. facing off of general electric in a bidding war. keeping jobs in france is a key priority. american company spacex has unveiled a new spacecraft. the dragon v2 is able to carry up to seven astronauts. is meant to be reusable to cut costs. it is seen as a milestone and the company is hoping to become the first to marshall firm to carry astronauts. that is the business news for now. i will hand it back to you, luke. cutting costs, probably expensive for the likes of you and i. that is the business update. now time for media watch. by nicholas, a look at what is buzzing online. a bit of what has been happening this week, the reaction online to the european elections. strong results in the far right national front. >> there has been a lot of fallout, not least in the media about this momentous event. from day to day, we will have news about the far right leader and the website, we can see that she is actually making the news in terms of the selfie she has made with her p
and southern parts of the country. siemens is said to be close to selling its majestic's in -- its logistics and airport solutions. siemens may announce the sale as early as this week. >> record loss of shares in tiger air. a look at how bad this tiger story is. i think shares were down 8% at one point, right? now. much as 9% it is not looking good for tiger air at the moment. currently down about 9% -- 7%. 10 out of 11 analysts say sell the stock and that is weighing on tiger air. tiger air had such a turbulent time. it had three straight years of losses, pretty painful for the airline. as a result, it is taking measures. grounding 15% of its planes by the end of march next year. means clipping about eight planes, 44 international operations. stoppinglking about flights to lumbar, services to macau. there has been intense competition in the budget airline space. just too many players, too little demand to fill the seats. so tiger air has had to take to make sure it returns to profitability. little demand, you say, that is something we were talking about earlier. enough homelarge market for
opportunity. mitsubishi heavy and siemens are the setting up a joint venture to pool their strengths as they move into this promising market mitsubishi heavy hitachi metals machinery as the scenery of the japanese firm and the german electronics firm will integrate their steel and metal production machinery business says in january officials stress that the two firms have a strong presence in different parts of the world. mitsubishi has many clients in a show while siemens. milicic years orders from europe the two firms aim to sharpen their competitive edge in the global market by expanding their product lineup is expected to adventure to boost their total sales in the twenty percent by twenty twenty. aye aye aye aye aye aye. prime minister shinzo latte has pledged to deepen ties with europe during his six country toward the japanese leader says he wants closer relations on issues including economics security and other areas is also pushing japan's role in promoting global stability. i'm on iraq. i am old. the crisis in ukraine is also a concern for asia. it is very significant. euro
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on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. lou: coming up tonight, redeye cohost taking of the president's latest tibbett sports. the get out of dodge attitude with this pivots asia as well. in our upcoming guest prevailed in a seven way republican senate primary in georgia. we will introduce you to our highly successful business man david perdue, who now appears likely to win the gop senate nomination. but first, a few thoughts on business realities. the messaging of some of our best-known companies that are posing as something that they simply are not. it as if some businesses have chosen to follow the lead with savvy political strategist rather than corporate american media branding strategists. companies like levi's, starbucks, and triple take am now going to great lengths to persuade their customers that the organizations are socially conscious and environmentally friendly and they incidentally also produce a product that they want to zoner customers want to buy. take levi's. and their customers watch the genes
people will be trying to find out. >> new they have a fighting chance? does it mean that siemens can come in stronger than it did last week? >> the rival bid is still in the game. alston said they would give siemens until the beginning of june to make and alternative offer to general electric. i do not think siemens is totally out of this. hand andhas the upper if you look at the shares today for alston, they are down in a flat market. not massively. investors are willing to give ge the benefit of the but -- of the doubt. >> let's talk about a different story. the british prime minister is coming under pressure to back out of this transaction. thats been telling people he is in favor of the transaction and that the u.k. could secure decent guarantees as a result. >> there is an interesting interplay going on. fromis a $106 billion bid pfizer to astrazeneca. the government said it was confident in the guarantees on jobs. astrazeneca seems to be saying we would like the government to be more neutral or perhaps even opposed to the disappearing of this very large british company into a big am
chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. >>> he's ready and floridian and spanish speaking. who are you thinking are? marco rubio hopes you didn't say jeb bush. rubio is the latest to come out swinging. >> it seems obvious, you're moving closer to running for prds. >> i've openly said in the past it's something i'll consider at the end of this year. >> do you think you're ready to be president? >> i think that's true for multiple other people that would want to run. >> then he lounged for a tiny pot bottle of water -- kidding. he did say hillary clinton has no right to brag about her job in state department. >> if you look at her diplomacy, it failed everywhere in the world. >> harsh. >> and the "washington post" looks at another spanish speaking floridian republican, whether his family is on board. jeb bush has repeatedly said he will decide based on whether he believes he can run in an optimistic campaign. run jointly as he's put it as well as whether a campaign would be the right thing f
a hostile deal in the pharmaceutical. siemens?bout ge and where do they stand on bidding? >> we hill in a bit of a question timeframe on that. its case to be public and the politicians. this is all about getting the french government to support ge's deal. frenchelement within the government that tried to get the siemens two big counter offer. ge has a bit of an uphill battle but they are still ahead of are the one who has the agreement of the target company. >> as this takes longer, does the environment get better or worse for ge or siemens? >> i do not think it is getting any better. we had over the weekend what one right politician described as an earthquake in the european elections. that indicates a lots of the populace, concern about the economy, concern about jobs, the national front is a populist party. that has francois hollande concerns, as he should be, about forg seen to be sticking up french industry. was never government benign for ge, and it is now getting more difficult as time caps on -- goes on. >> thank you. moving and shaking this hour, new jersey governor chris ch
partnership, what does it mean? >> they want a similar offer to the one we're expecting from siemens. basically without asking for it precisely would like ge to bring transport activities to alston or to a joint venture in order to make sure tyi tiny part of its business. if fwchg.e. is to buy the whole business, it will only be one third of its previous size which they say sun acceptable and for the first time the french economy minister is threatening to block the deal for strategic reasons because alston is producing some nuclear power in france. but also it skpt want tdoesn't company to disappear. the deal will be similar to the one we're expecting from siemens. in response, ge says the deal was good for alston and france, but the u.s. company says it is open to further negotiations with alston or with the french government changing the original deal would be for the government a way to escape from that story in a positive way in terms of communication in france. not sure that it would be the best option for ge for alston and even for french employees. >> staying with a and h, m
american giant general electric. french officials appear to prefer the rival bid by germany's siemens. alston is expected to make a decision by the end of the month. some say these moves could have a negative effect on growth and job creation. it points out in 2013 foreigners helped finance 685 new projects which led to the creation of 30,000 jobs in france. "figaro" says government credibility on the line. >> it says hollande is trapped by zero growth. the forecast of one percent growth is far from certain. it said the cabinet credibility is close to zero. new data came up and said the french economy fail to grow for the first three months of this year and all economic indicators are in the red. growth has stopped an investment is down. where are the new jobs that francois hollande promise? he promised to reverse the unemployment curve by the end of last year. it says france is paying a high price for the fiscal policy. let's look at another article in the paper. a scathing piece. it says hollande's optimistic forecast created doubt and a sense of irony everywhere except in the gover
to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >>> all right. time for first buzz. are you happy? >> i am. >> that's right. >> that's what we're asking. because richard has all the goods on that. >> just too much happiness. all right, bear with us, bill, just a little bit more happiness. these are the happiest countries in the world according to gallup. it show you the top five. denmark's normally at the top of the list. >> guess -- >> they hit the button. it's paraguay. landlocked, no ocean, all they do is barbecue. good ones, and it's the happiest. >> it doesn't snow in any of those countries. >> does. but not all the time. central america. >> this is not going to make people happy, especially if you have a mailbox up by your door, supposedly the postal service is looking at possibly removing that from the delivery. they are not going to go up to your door shot anymore. this has to be put through a vote and whatnot. >> why? >> but it's going to save them $2 billion annually. i didn't know it cost that much more to walk up to someone's door. >> by time. it's because of time expended. >> the big m
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by siemens. the entire impact was around initially their frustration with doing drugs by mail. >> at the time they had done in collaboration. they were handling it at 300 pieces per minute. guess they could not automate through the mail. the first thing we did is because we come from and innovative background. we know all of the headaches. i have built 100 distribution centers in my life. we ram this through flats. we ran this and fort worth before we ever submitted packaging. we provided this. it sends this way. we have offered to retest the expense. we want to partner with the post office. hello, we have volume. please, work with us. i do not know what to do. >> thank you very much. >> i have a few more questions. we will give mr. norton more time after if he wants it. mr. williams, some of the innovations you talked about some of the virtual po box. can you tell me what a virtual po box is? >> at first question it seems like what mr. davis was offering . >> perhaps they are related to one another. >> today the postal service is limited and the number of post office boxes that can offer to
. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. humans. even when we cross our "ts" and dot our "i's", we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness with our auto policies. if you qualify, your rates won't go up due to your first accident. because making mistakes is only human, and so are we. we also offer new car replacement, so if you total your new car, we'll give you the money for a new one. call liberty mutual insurance at... and ask us all about our auto features, like guaranteed repairs, where if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, the repairs are guaranteed for life. so call... to talk with an insurance expert about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? neil: ever since the revelations that the securities and exchange commission was found to have more than a few agents who are predisposed to watching porn then chasing bad guys, lot has been made of w
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... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. odnowchoose one option fromith red lothe wood-fire grill,trios! one signature shrimp dish, and a pasta. all on one plate. three delicious choices. all for $15.99 for a limited time only! come sea food differently today! >> tomorrow marks the anniversary of brown versus the board of education. it ended state-sponsored school segregation. the court unanimously agreed that separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. today the attorney general rejected on that historic ruling. >> my generation was the first to grow up in a world in which separate but equal was no longer the law of the land. even as a child growing new new york city, i understood as i learned about the decision that its impact was truly ground breaking, bringing the law in line with the fundamental truth of the equality of our humanity. today, the first lady will mark the anniversary by returning to the city where the case was born, topeka, kansas. as "the new york times" reports today, it was a decision that help
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